Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Web traffic comes from a variety of different mediums. Having your site consistently appear across all of these mediums is the difference between a client contacting you for services, or getting frustrated with your site on a particular platform. If you’ve ever visited a site that wasn’t optimized for mobile devices, you most likely had to constantly scroll and swipe all over the screen just to locate the information you needed. This aggravating experience negatively affects conversion rates.

Managed Marketing Solutions is partnered with one of the best Website Design and Development Companies in the Midwest. We optimize every custom design for all platforms and test all major browsers and mobile platforms to ensure compatibility. Using in-house tools, we can simulate your website on any mobile device, tablet or screen resolution so that the best representation of your company will always be presented to your users, whether they click, swipe or tap.

Interacting with your website should be simple and easy regardless of whether the visitor is signing up for updates or scheduling an appointment. Sadly, many web pages aren’t designed around a pleasant user experience and don’t effectively convey what a company does. We develop our sites using WordPress, Joomla, Magento and several more that are effective platforms for building a user-friendly site.

Within the first 10 seconds of arriving at your site, visitors will decide if they like the look of your site and if it’s user-friendly. If they don’t like what they see, they’ll leave and go to your competitors. If you haven’t checked the bounce rate or exit pages of your Google Analytics, you need to, and our experts can show you how and why this is important. These are an indicator of where your website can improve and how you can retain and convert potential clients.

Website optimization involves many different aspects. The first part of website optimization is compression or making sure users can use your site fast and fluidly. Having a poorly optimized site can increase load times and eat up excessive amounts of mobile data. Compressing your site speeds up the whole process, and it also provides an improved user experience. People usually don’t take much notice when things work properly, but they absolutely will notice when they don’t. If your visitor/potential client has a difficult experience navigating your site, don’t count on seeing them in the future. The truth is that several sites advertise and do the same thing you offer, and if their site is more functional and user-friendly, they won’t think twice about leaving yours.

The next step of website optimization is search engine optimization, or SEO for short. Having the most modern, and streamlined website on the planet doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t appear in search results. Our partnership SEO team takes SEO and web analytics very seriously. We take care of all the things related to making your website rank at the top of search results such as content marketing, content and video SEO, conversion rate optimization and more. We design an experience that welcomes your visitors and allows them to feel comfortable in taking any action they desire.