E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing
E-mail is a great way to connect you to your existing customers and helps you understand your client’s response, so you can plan your next marketing move. Our email marketing platform is easy, affordable, extremely robust and proven to get results. You can “Do It Yourself” by creating and designing your own professional e-mails or you can have a “Managed Solution” where we create all your template(s) and manage your e-mail executions. We will work with you to customize a solution designed specifically to fit within your marketing plan agenda. See below for more info or call one of our E-mail Marketing Experts today.

“Do It Yourself” Option

You control it all. You manage your e-mail database, your templates, and your content all within a powerful E-mail Platform that rival any in the market place. You can set up automated list segmentation, customer recipient fields, powerful reporting tools and so much more!

“Do It Yourself” pricing starts at as little as $35 a month.


Our “Managed Solution” Option

Don’t have time or the resources to create an effective e-mail campaign? Call us to determine if a Managed Solution aligns with your marketing plan which provides virtually a “hands off” program.

We will create your e-mail template(s), work with you on your supplied content to make sure it is effective, upload your e-mail database, set up all the necessary variable criteria to segment incoming e-mail data and execute the emails based on the schedule that works with your marketing plan. We also provide reports based on the timeframe you specify.

“Managed Solution” One-Time Initial Quick Start-Up Packages start for as little as $175 and monthly “Managed Solution” packages start for as little as $135.

Call us today to discuss the right solution for your business!