About Us

About Us

Managed Marketing Solutions specializes in working with companies who have a limited-sized marketing department or none at all. We are an extension of their company, so to speak. More often than not, marketing is handled by the owner and/or general manager who are already overwhelmed by wearing multiple hats throughout the organization. Marketing can be overwhelming even for the marketing professional. Especially with the rapid and increasing amount of marketing channels just in digital and the internet.

Managed Marketing Solutions brings the expertise, knowledge and “solutions” to help “manage” the entire process. We can work on an entire marketing strategy from concept to execution or a single campaign, product or service.

We listen to the owner’s and manager’s needs along with what the business needs. We look at the business first and then develop a marketing strategy that fits the business. We do not use a “cookie cutter or one-size fits all” approach. Every business is different and every strategy should be different. We will use a combination of marketing channels to achieve the objective. We will execute, analyze and continually refine for maximum return on investment. We take your business personal and want it to prosper.

We pride ourselves on our individual attention and service.

We use proven methodology with the right product or service to help businesses get the best return on their marketing investment dollar.

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